In October & November, I participated in two community forums. The first was about race and policing and the second was about being black in a liberal white city. Both events were held at Naked Brewery and Taphouse and part of the ‘Think & Drink‘ series hosted by the non-profit Humanities Washington— the goal of which is to: bring hosted conversations to pubs and tasting rooms on provocative topics and new ideas around the state.

Both events were packed houses and the conversation was rich! If you havent been to a Think & Drink– def look up the calendar and GO! Lots of great topics being covered and a chill laidback environment.

The conversation on ‘Race & Policing’ featured myself and two officers from Seattle Police Department. It was also written up in the Seattle Times for that article see here.

The conversation on ‘Seattle Skin: Being Black in a Liberal City’…partially centered on the response of many white liberals to the interruption of #BlackLivesMatter protesters to the Bernie Sanders rally. The conversation covered a lot of ground and was written up in the Seattle Stranger here